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Innovative multi-functional wheelchair

As an important equipment in the life of the disabled, wheelchair itself needs to bring convenience to the disabled.Nowadays, many wheelchairs have the problem of inconvenient turning in a narrow place (such as not being able to turn at a large Angle in a narrow place), and many manual wheelchairs use their hands to directly drive the wheels, which is easy to get dirty.According to these ideas, the design put forward a set of drive, arbitrary Angle rotation, standing, lying down as one of the wheelchair, the wheelchair can let the disabled more convenient to use a wheelchair, to play for the disabled, the wheelchair can provide a more convenient travel for disabled persons, to meet road out problem can be solved more easily, can according to user's mind at the same time, we can realize the function of standing and lying down, so that we can give more free space for the disabled, and the wheelchair without the help of others can finish a lot of features, enables the disabled man travel more independent.

The new driving system includes: rotating the remote rod through the swing rod to drive the gear, then driving the chain through the gear and finally driving the driving wheel to rotate;Standing system: when users want to stand, they can control the front and rear push rods to achieve the standing effect through the controller on the handrail.Lying down system: the front push rod and the motor on the back of the chair are controlled by the controller to realize the lying down of the chair;Brake system: the user drives the steel wire to drive the brake pad mounted on the driving wheel to start the brake by pressing the left-hand pendulum rod downward to realize deceleration when necessary;Direction control system: the steel wire on the pendulum rod is driven by the pendulum rod in front of the kneading handle, and the steel wire drives the small wheel in front to realize turning;Fixed axis rotation system: the vertical transmission gear is driven by the user's right hand rocker, and the transmission gear meshes with the floor gear, so as to realize the fixed axis rotation.

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