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2019Shanghai international medical equipment exhibition

2019 Shanghai international medical equipment fair will be held in July 11-13, 2019 will be held in Shanghai world expo exhibition center, exhibition comprehensive covers including medical electronics, medical imaging equipment, ward nursing and auxiliary equipment, medical supplies, sanitary materials, in vitro diagnostic reagent, optics, emergency treatment, rehabilitation care and health information technology products, such as direct and comprehensive service in medical equipment industry from the source to the end the whole medical industry chain.Each session, more than 1,000 medical device manufacturers from more than 20 regions and over 30 regional hospital buyers, dealers and agents gather for CMEH transactions and exchanges.With the expansion of exhibition area, more exhibitors and more visitors, CMEH has been held in Shanghai, Beijing and shenzhen.

CMEH will integrate resources to provide domestic and foreign medical device manufacturers with a platform exhibition that can do both export and domestic trade, so that domestic and foreign exhibitors can more effectively explore the international and domestic markets.CMEH will be on display at the Shanghai world expo exhibition hall, which has been visited by 70 million people. CMEH aims to promote the prosperity of the market of medical equipment industry with the purpose of expanding market, promoting communication and expanding sales services for enterprises.We believe that this exhibition will bring you unlimited business opportunities, and we hope that the relevant units of medical devices will actively register and participate in it!


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